The Enchanted Cave

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Relaxation, Shelter, Safety, Comfort-Shelter, living simply – the rest we leave up to you!

The Cave stirs something in our biology – a primitive memory of our beginning, of when we lived in a simpler world and simpler times. And like a refuge, we can visit and stay inside it, use its protection against the hassles and stresses of modern life. The Love Cave is a place to cook simply, relax easily and love your partner.

As you relax in the spa the afternoon clouds roll over the mountains before giving way to evening stars floating above the horizon. Daylight fades and the glowing fireplace dances flames and shadows across the rock walls, painting them with warmth and the silence of the bush. Far below the distant passage of the river runs wild on its way to untouched wilderness, echoing its song of time through the sandstone gorge. This in a primitive utopia, a glimpse of the primeval earth untouched and unspoilt by humans from an age far gone.

Queen Bed is partially set into the bedrock next to the fireplace. Lying in bed you look straight through the tall glass windows across the wilderness.

The en-suite spa bathroom with hand-cut natural rock tiles is adorned with beautifully carved sunstone basin and sculptures. An external shower is also situated on the front deck so you can bath outside, in front of the natural view.

The Lovers Seat is made for two and has been completely carved out of the natural bedrock and polished to present a smooth and perfectly curved stone lounge.

Modern Slow-Combustion Fireplace is a central feature inside the cave, keeping you warm and adding an intimate atmosphere at night.

Modern Kitchenette with dual gas cooktop, gas oven and cookware/utensils for your stay.

TV cabinet is solid stone – roll back the stone door to watch TV.

Figures and natural symbols made out of local rock adorn the ceiling of the cave

The View – about an hour before sunset the view truly comes alive with astonishing light plays across the valley.

Booking Details

Cabin: The Enchanted Cave
Cabin Type: Self-Contained Accommodation
Spa: 1
Max. Guests: 1 Couple
Beds: 1
Linen: Provided
Towels: Provided
Food: Bring your own
Check-In: 5pm
Check-Out: 12pm
Pets: No

Check Availability: The Enchanted Cave

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*Please note that a minimum 2 night stay is required to use the online booking system